New Beginnings


This website is a fresh beginning for me, my new safe space. It will be an ever evolving, clean corner for myself to sink and relax into the movement of my life. I'm glad you're here.

I have no idea exactly how this will work - if I'll write on here weekly, upload photos of a specific trip or venture, or if I'll just post words and photos randomly. What I do know, is that every photo on the website will be taken by me. For right now, this is how I begin. With a hello, and an introduction I guess??

My name is Grayson Gilbert, some people know me by my Kundalini/Spiritual name, Teg Gian. For the sake of keep things on the same page, my wonderful birth name, Grayson, will be how I refer to myself from here on out. I'm grateful to have received my spiritual name, though. It means the wise One who wields God's protective sword. I've sat for many hours wondering exactly how that pertains to me and my journey, and in my quest for an answer, I've surrendered to not knowing.  I'll take it though!

Along with being asked what my spiritual name means, I've been asked several times where the name "A Graceful Son" arrived from. To that question I answer: it fell into me from the sky, and never left.

I wanted the name to occupy the weight of my journey though the world, and my birth name.       I value my role as the son of my parents, and as a child of Creation. I honor the more feminine qualities of myself in which I find to be fluid, intuitive and graceful. And I wanted to illustrate that to people in a name; that in all of us there is a perfect balance of Masculine and Feminine, that we come from both and not only is it okay to express that, it is crucial. 

To be graceful is to be like water, ebbing and flowing like a dancer on stage, like a river in the forest. It is to be vulnerable to allow life to happen. 

I'm so looking forward to this new creative outlet...thank you for being here :) 




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