A Graceful Son; obviously a play on words with my name, but for me it's a reminder. When I think about grace, living gracefully and being graceful, it's all about being fluid. Being water. 

Let me elaborate...

So, I'm an over thinker. Spontaneity and I don't live in same neighborhood, we are not neighbors...I probably don't even go to the same Whole Foods as that bitch. I'll see her driving down Robertson Boulevard in her brushed steel blue G-Wagon while I'm silently floating along in my white Prius that hasn't been washed in months. I look up at her for a split second as we pass each other thinking "She's got it all. Why can't I be more like Spontaneity?"

So to answer my own question,"Why can't I be more like Spontaneity?" I say "Fear". Fear fear fear. Now THIS bitch has got her hands all over and inside my body, and she isn't planning on letting go anytime soon. So, as an over thinker, I am constantly acknowledging my fear, listening to what it has to say, and listening and listening and listening until three hours has gone by and I'm still at home on my couch with my hands down my pants. 

Now, this is no good. It's not! I normally don't label things as being "good" or "bad", it's all subjective, but this is definitely not good. How am I supposed to get anything done if all I can think about is why I shouldn't do something? Really, if anyone has a valid answer to this, lemme know.

In all of this mess, wondering what I should be doing with my day/life and not actually doing anything, I remember a piece of wisdom my best friend gave me... 

"Be like water." 

Okay, well water is wet..that's probably irrelevant. Also it's fluid, alright I'm getting somewhere...it's constantly moving and flowing...

 Ah. Okay. I hear you, friend.

"Be like water", she says. It's such a simple and pure analogy it rolls off her tongue just as easily as the concept forms in her mind. She intentionally leads a life that is constantly moving and shaping itself around her thoughts and intentions. With each opportunity that comes her way, be it an invite to a party or going to Asia for a few months, she'll find a way to do it. This way, she is always moving, freely flowing from one adventure to the next. 

So how do I relate my friends beautiful insight to my own personal struggle with self doubt and this journey of living a more graceful life? I do shit. 

Really. If I'm sitting my ass down for too long I get up, put on my trainers and walk, or drive..something, anything! Otherwise, that stagnate energy builds and builds until I'm pacing around my house nervously because I haven't done anything all day. So as soon as I feel a burst of inspiration to do something, I take it on that very moment. I agree to hear what inspiration has to say, and I let it take me where it wants to take me...gracefully and seamlessly.

Seamless. Smooth and continuous, much like how a ballerina floats along from one adagio to the next. She moves fluidly throughout her dance with no visible gaps or seams. Wouldn't that be a beautiful way to live? That is my intention. To fill up my life with such excitement and beauty that I'm bursting at the seams with Love for the life I'm living, gracefully moving in the direction I want by using positive thought and intention.

But in order to move in the direction I want, I must move. 

Thank you. And Welcome. 

Grayson Gilbert